Wave Goodbye to Apathy

Be a superhero(ine), get involved in helping out & spread a smile

Weekly update June 8th-June 14th *EDITED on 06/09* June 8, 2010

What happened last week:
June 5th- Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure 5K

Things happening this week:
June 10th- The Magic Seeds with Uganda Deaf Silent Theatre
June 13th- Strides to Thrive Walk

Things to read about/ Help out:

  • Are you a fan of 24, Lost, Star Trek: Enterprise? Well… perhaps Terra Nova will interest you because the executive producers of those shows are coming together read more [here]
  • Oh goodness, a solor storm? That doesn’t sound good… click [here] for the article
  • Sign the “Save My Ocean” Pledge [here] It won’t take more than a couple of seconds. Minutes if you’re a slow typer of have slow connections ;)
  • Help the whales click [here] to sign a petition
  • Sign up to walk for Autism
  • Sign this petition to send to President Obama about taking action for a clean energy future
  • Sign one of these petitions (or all!) to help those elephants being tortured in circuses for article expanding on that subject click [here] *NEW*
  • Sign the Official Whaleman Petition as well as reading a blog by Hayden Panettiere [here] *NEW*


Things to look forward to next week:


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